Editions & Versions

Breeders Assistant is supplied in a number of different versions, for different animal types. E.g. we have Breeders Assistant for Cats, Breeders Assistant for Dogs, etc. There are 8 versions for specific animal types: birds, cats, cavies (guinea pigs), dogs, hamsters, horses, rabbits & rats. In addition there is a 'Generic' version which is not animal-specific and can be used for any other animal type.

Separately, each version is available three different editions: the Personal, Professional and Commercial Editions.

When you buy a full copy of Breeders Assistant you select both the version and edition you need. E.g. if you are a dog breeder you might choose Breeders Assistant for Dogs, Professional Edition.

Personal Edition

The Personal Edition is designed specifically for breeders. It is the version that the majority of our customers use.

The Personal Edition includes most of the features described on this web site. We could list all the features that it provides but this would be a very long list. It is easier to describe the differences between the Personal and Professional/Commercial Editions:

  • Certain printed documents, notably pedigree certificates, require that your 'license name' must appear clearly in the text of the pedigree heading (i.e., in the boxes that appear along the top of the pedigree). Your license name is a name you choose when you place your order, and must be your personal name (or names, if joint breeders) in the way you expect it to appear on pedigrees. In normal use this happens 'automatically' assuming you are printing pedigrees for animals you either own or have bred, because your name will then appear in the heading as the owner and/or the breeder. With the Personal Edition the license name cannot be a breeding prefix, affix, kennel or cattery name etc. - there is a separate area on pedigrees for the breeder logo.
  • Saving documents, such as pedigrees, as image files (JPEG etc.) is subject to the same restriction as above - namely your license name must appear clearly in the pedigree heading in order to be able to save them.
  • Databases are limited to at most 75,000 records of each type, per database. So a single database can contain at most 75,000 animals, 75,000 contacts, etc. Note, there is no limit to the number of databases you can have, though most users typically operate a single database. The likeliest reason for using multiple databases is to keep different breeds separate.
  • With the Personal Edition HTML pedigrees do not include photos or title highlighting. Note however that you can always use image pedigrees for web site use - any pedigree document you can print can be saved as an image pedigree.
  • Apart from inbreeding calculations, which are included with all Editions, the Personal Edition does not include any of the advanced genetics features of the Professional Edition (see below).
  • The Personal Edition does not include multi-tagging, user defined ancestor highlights, or ancestor inbreeding highlighting within pedigrees. For these features you need the Professional Edition (see below).

Professional Edition

This is intended for non-commercial use, typically by breed clubs and other organizations and more serious breeders for whom the Personal Edition is not suited.

The Professional Edition includes all features of the product. The only difference between it and the Commercial Edition is a licensing difference (see below).

Most customers of the Professional Edition are either organizations such as breed clubs, registries etc. or are breeders who either do not want to be limited to printing pedigrees with their personal name in the heading, or have large databases for which the Personal Edition record limit (75,000) is too low. The specific extensions that the Professional Edition has over the Personal Edition are:

  • The licence name for Professional Edition customers need not be a personal name. E.g. it can be an organization name or breeding name, prefix, affix, cattery name etc.
  • Databases record limit is 1,000,000 records of each type, per database.
  • HTML pedigrees may include photos and title highlighting.
  • It includes some advanced genetics analysis features. Whilst all editions of Breeders Assistant include fields for recording various classes of genotype information - breed, disease etc. - with the Pro Edition most Breeders Assistant versions are supplied with appropriate genetic configurations that allow a friendlier form of input. E.g. cat and dog breeders can select the 'D' gene (blue dilution) using a friendly pull-down menu:
    gene selection

    Genotype & Phenotype Prediction let you predict inherited colors and congenital diseases based on the stated genotypes of parents. Predictions can be included in trial mating pedigrees and mating certificates1. It can also detect when the genotype of an individual is inconsistent with that of its parents. Inheritance Probability Analysis lets you predict whether an individual will inherit a given gene, or the probable 'value' for a polygenic trait, based on the prevalence of the gene in its ancestors. Gene Frequency Analysis lets you analyse the distribution of different alleles over a set of individuals. For further information see Advanced Genetics.
  • The multi-tagging feature is enabled.
  • You may create user defined ancestor highlights, and ancestor inbreeding can be highlighted within pedigrees.

Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition has exactly the same feature set as the Professional Edition, but relaxes the licence conditions to permit certain commercial use. Specifically, you may exploit the product for commercial gain of any printed output generated by it e.g. to run a pedigree service bureau.

1. Mating certificates are only available with the Cat and Dog versions of Breeders Assistant.

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