Breeders Assistant

Pedigree, 4G with Watermark, Decorative Border, Grid, Signature Line
Pedigree, 4G with Watermark, Decorative Border, Grid, Signature Line
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Breeders Assistant (BA) is a pedigree and record keeping program for breeders of cats, dogs, and many other animals.

BA comes in different versions that are customized to the needs of cat, dog and other animal breeders. E.g. Breeders Assistant for Cats knows about cat breeds, breed numbers and FIFe codes. Likewise Breeders Assistant for Dogs knows about well known dog breeds and colors.

New: Version 5 now available with Windows 8 support and other changes. E.g. Cat version now includes 4000+ GCCF EMS codes. For upgrade information click here.

The main purpose of Breeders Assistant is to store the records of your animals, and their ancestors, and from that data produce professional printed pedigrees.

BA's printed pedigrees can include photos, watermarks (with inbuilt fading), calligraphic text, decorative artwork for borders and corner graphics, your choice of fields, and many other features. You can customize all the colors, boxes & fonts etc. You can also produce HTML pedigrees and image pedigrees (i.e. save pedigrees as JPEG, PNG and BMP files), trial mating pedigrees, litter pedigrees, reverse pedigrees, circular pedigrees, and text pedigrees (for email).

Other features include:

  • Various reports including ancestor and descendant analyses, text pedigrees (to 16G), reverse pedigrees, breeding lists and more.
  • Population genetics: we have a very fast calculation of Wright's inbreeding coefficient.
  • With the Professional and Commercial Editions there are other forms of genetic analysis included, such as prediction of genotypes, which can be used to predict inherited colors & patterns.
  • Contracts/agreements, pedigree front pages (cover sheets), stud cards.
  • Stores animal records, contacts, litters, vet records, vaccinations, accounts and appointments/tasks.
  • Import and Export data in various formats.
  • Web pedigree database export (Alfirin pedigree generator).

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