Other Features

Breeders Assistant has many features above and beyond the basics of recording animal records and generating pedigrees.

Form Designer

This is a tool for customizing the standard document layouts e.g. for pedigrees, and for designing new layouts. Each separate area in a document can be customized in various ways.

E.g. whenever you have ancestors displayed in a table - as in pedigrees, trial matings etc. - you can adjust the following options:

  • The no. generations displayed - anything from 3 to 7.
  • The style of the ancestors grid - e.g. grid, boxes, bracketed etc.
  • Whether or not to display generation titles.
  • The column width of each generation of ancestors.
  • The fields to be output, separately for each ancestor generation.
  • Where each field will appear in the ancestor cells, e.g. in the middle, in the bottom left corner etc.
  • The number of ancestor generations, starting with the parents, that are to appear sideways on.
  • The background color.
  • The fonts that are used for each ancestor generation.
  • The color of grid lines.
  • The colors of the generation titles and background.
Mating Certificates

Mating Certificate with Color Predictions [requires Pro/Commercial Edition]

Mating Certificate with Color Predictions [requires Pro/Commercial Edition]

Breeders Assistant for Cats and Dogs can print fully customizable mating certificates - for stud owners to give to the owners of visiting females after mating. These have all the same high quality features found in our print-quality pedigrees, plus optional relationship coefficient of the parents, and optionally you can include genetic predictions (requires Professional Edition).

Mating certificates also include predicted date of birth, and date when offspring can be expected to be ready to go to new homes.

Record Tagging

Breeders Assistant includes a record tagging facility - a means of marking records so that you can then apply a given operation to all tagged records in a single step.

If you have the Professional Edition (or better) there is an enhanced multi-tagging feature.

E.g. (1) You might want to browse the animal records looking for particular records for which you wish to print pedigrees. Instead of selecting and then printing each one individually, a quicker way is to tag them first and then print pedigrees for all tagged records in a single step.

E.g. (2) You might want to delete all accounting records from the database that are associated with a given contact. You could do this by first displaying the relevant contact record, then select the option to tag all the accounting records concerning that contact. Then switch to accounting records and delete all tagged records in a single step.

Tagged records are displayed in a different color in the record list. Typically they are displayed in light blue, but you can change that.

The following operations can be applied to groups of tagged records:

  • Deleting records
  • Printing reports
  • Printing documents such as pedigrees
  • Exporting as Text/CSV

BA also has some special features for tagging ancestors and descendants. E.g. you can:

  • Tag all descendants of a given animal
  • Tag all descendants that share 2 or more ancestors from a given group
  • Tag all descendants that share all ancestors in common from a given group
  • Tag all ancestors of a given animal
  • Tag the common ancestors only of a given animal (i.e., ancestors present on both sides of the pedigree)
  • Tag all ancestors that share 2 or more ancestors from a given group

With all these options you choose the number of generations to be considered.

Ancestors Analysis

Ancestor Analysis

Ancestor Analysis

The ancestors analysis report tabulates all the ancestors of a given individual, with columns for details such as the number of occurrences of each ancestor in the pedigree, and their %blood contribution to the subject animal.

Report Writer

The report writer is used to generate printouts tabulating details from records, spreadsheet style. E.g. this is a sample accounts report, and this is a similar report but one that uses the report 'group' facility.

BA includes many sample report layouts but you can add your own. Each of the different record types (animals, contacts, matings, etc.) has its own set of report layouts.

Reporting options include:

  • Your choice of fields (columns), in whatever order you want.
  • Select column widths.
  • Whether to use grid lines.
  • Whether to have column headings at the top of each page.
  • Whether to divide the report into groups. Records are grouped according to fields you choose. E.g. you could have a report of all accounting transactions grouped by expense category.
  • Complete control of printer setup, separately for each report layout. E.g. you might use landscape for one report, portrait for another, or a different paper size, etc.

When it comes to printing a report, you can choose the records that are to be included in several ways:

  • Include all records of a given type e.g. all accounting transactions.
  • Use the record search facility so as to limit the report to specific records e.g. all matings involving a given sire.
  • Use the record tagging facility to tag the records to be included.
Breedings Report



The breedings report lists all the litters and offspring of a given individual.

Linechaser Report

Linechaser Info

Linechaser Info

The 'linechaser info' report lists all the ancestors of a given individual line by line, in a standardized format.

Agreements, Letters & Contracts

Sale Agreement

Sale Agreement

Breeders Assistant can print documents such as sale agreements (contracts of sale) and mating agreements. You have control over the wording used - BA will insert fields from the database and print it for you.

As with pedigrees and other documents you can use borders, calligraphic writing, logos etc. to create a professional result.

Contact Records

The contact records let you store all the usual details for people who are associated with the animals in your database - such as breeders, owners, vets etc. You can record all the usual details such as name, address, phone number etc.

Vet Records, Vaccination Records

The vet records store details of individual visits to the vet; use them to keep a full veterinary history of each animal. Vaccination records are used to stores details of individual vaccinations - you use them to keep a history of all vaccinations on an animal by animal basis.

Often a vaccination will happen during a vet visit, in which case you might want to add both a vet record and a vaccination record. In this case, if you add the vaccination record first BA will then ask whether you want to automatically add a vet record in which most of the fields will have filled in for you.

Appointments, Tasks



The appointments records give you the facility to maintain a simple diary for recording appointments and tasks/chores.

For each entry you can record the date, time, description, repeat count & interval, and each entry can be linked to either a specific contact or animal (or both). The linkage between appointments/tasks enables you to view diary entries associated with a specific person or animal. E.g. to see at a glance the stud bookings for a given stud.

There is an optional reminder facility where you can choose the time in advance of the appointment/task at which to be reminded.

A completion flag can be used to mark off tasks as they are completed, and tasks can be listed with color coding based on the completion status - ideal to see at a glance what you've done and still have to do.

Finally an auto-delete facility to delete completed or expired appointments/tasks at a chosen time after completion.

Accounts Records

These provide a basic financial accounting suitable for the needs of many breeders. Breeders Assistant maintains a register of financial transactions, where each transaction can be linked to an animal record as well as to a contact record as the party to the transaction.

The accounts records can be used to store details of transactions such as sales, stud fee income, spending on supplies etc.

They are linked to other many procedures within Breeders Assistant that involve money. E.g. when adding a vet record involving a fee you're asked if you want to add an accounting record to store the expense. E.g. (2) when you record a sale you're asked if you want to record the transaction.

You can produce categorized accounts reports for income and expenditure in various ways - e.g. on an animal by animal basis.

IMPORTANT: We should stress that the degree of support for financial accounting in Breeders Assistant is limited when compared to dedicated accounts products. We designed our accounting support to be suitable for the hobbyist wishing to track the financial side of his/her hobby, and not for heavyweight use, e.g. as you might need when running a business. For anything other than very simple financial reporting we strongly recommend that you invest in a separate, specialist accounts package.

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