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This product is available in three different editions: Personal, Professional and Commercial.

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Breeders Assistant
Personal Edition

The Personal Edition meets the essential needs of most breeders. It is designed for personal use only.

It excludes a small number of features only found in other editions, such as multi-tagging, user defined ancestor highlights and the advanced genetics features.

It also has a limit of at most 75,000 rabbits per database, and may not be used for commercial use.

Breeders Assistant
Professional Edition

The Professional Edition has all features of Breeders Assistant enabled and it may be licensed into a non-personal name, such as a breeding or rabbitry name, unlike the Personal Edition.

It also has a higher record limit of 1,000,000 rabbits per database and includes options for genotype & color/pattern prediction based on the color genotypes of the parents. However it may not be used for commercial use.

Breeders Assistant
Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition extends the Professional Edition to permit commercial use. E.g. for use in a business providing a pedigree printing service bureau.


For further information about the differences between the editions this product see: Editions and Versions.

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