Update Eligibility

You are entitled to a free update to the latest version (v5.24) of your current edition of Breeders Assistant if you have install codes valid for the v5 series and your support/updates period has not expired. In this case there is no need to contact us as you do not need new install codes - just use your existing serial number and key code to download and install the latest release1.

If you are not entitled to a free update, or you wish to move to a higher edition (e.g. switch from Personal to Professional Edition), then you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use the latest version. See whats new.

How To Check The Version or Support/Update Expiry Date

  • Open Breeders Assistant.
  • Select About Breeders Assistant from the Help menu.
  • Check the program version, which is in the top line of the 'About' Window. It will say something like this: Breeders Assistant, v5.11, Built on .... If your version number does not start with v5 then you do not qualify for a free upgrade and should purchase an upgrade instead.
  • Next, check the serial number. You will find this in the middle of the Window. You can also find it in the email or letter you originally received when you first obtained Breeders Assistant. The serial number consists of a series of groups of letters and digits. The 2nd last group is your support/updates expiry month in YYYYMM format. If your expiry date is 201606 or earlier, or is not set at all (i.e. is 000000), then you do not qualify for a free upgrade and should purchase an upgrade instead.
  • E.g. the serial number "TUKXX2441020000-BACTST5-A-N-201803-258F7455" has expiry date 201803 i.e. the end of March 2018.

1. Excepting for non-UK customers resident within the EU, who must purchase an update CD or USB stick. This is due to EU VAT treatment of digital downloads.

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