Breeders Assistant for Cats v5.21
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Existing Customers

You are entitled to a free upgrade to the current version if you have install codes valid for Breeders Assistant version 5 and your support/updates period has not expired.

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You may like to know we have other pedigree software products:

  • PedPro is a different style of pedigree program that is available for both Windows and Mac computers and which supports direct import of pedigree data from Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant. This is a very easy way to transfer your pedigree data to the Mac.
  • PedScope is an advanced pedigree analysis tool, useful when implementing safe breeding practices in closed or small populations.

BA version 5 has full support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows are supported. Windows XP and earlier versions are not supported.

Changes in v5.21:

  • Includes updated list of 8,000+ GCCF EMS codes.
  • Maintenance release for v5.20.

Changes in v5.20:

  • Ancestor highlighting - allows ancestors within tabular print-style pedigrees to be highlighted e.g. to show common or repeat ancestors. With the Professional Edition you can also create user defined ancestor highlights and highlight ancestors according to their degree of inbreeding.
  • Multi-tagging - this is a new feature of the Professional Edition (only) that extends the existing tagging system to allow multiple user-definable tags with symbols which can then be included in printed pedigrees.

Changes in v5.11:

  • GCCF breed list including GCCF EMS codes and breed numbers. New! Watch this video for details of EMS code support in BA/Cats 5.
  • With the Personal Edition, version 5 no longer requires that your license name appear in the heading of a pedigree in order to print. You can now print (or save as an image) any pedigree.
  • The 'Genetics Option' of version 4 is now automatically included with the Professional Edition and above. BA version 4 Personal Edition customers who previously had the Genetics Option please note that if you switch to BA version 5 the Genetics Option will continue to operate as before. In all cases version 4 Personal Edition customers who choose to obtain BA version 5 Professional Edition, and existing version 4 Professional Edition customers who switch to version 5, will now automatically receive the features that were previously sold separately as the Genetics Option.
  • BA version 5 now uses the standard Windows method to select images (photos) rather than the older, internal image browser.
  • Pedigree databases are now, by default, stored in your 'my documents' folder rather than the Breeders Assistant install folder.
  • Breed and Title databases are now stored in your application data folder, rather than the Breeders Assistant install folder.
  • The above changes mean that the software need not run with administrator rights on Windows 7 & 8.
  • Added a new warning when exiting without saving, if you have made extensive changes to the database.
  • Merge forms now support multiple-page forms with a separate image used for each page.
  • Fixed bug in erroneous calculation of homozygosity% in ancestor analysis with more than 16 generations ancestors.
  • Added a new feature to automatically tag updated and/or inserted records.
  • Discontinued support for PDF files as images in forms including merge forms, and we no longer bundle integrated show entry and registration forms for specific registries. Unless you used show entry or registration forms in Breeders Assistant version 4, or used PDF files as image sources (e.g. for your logo), this change will have no effect on you. These changes do not mean that you can no longer print such entry forms with Breeders Assistant, but it does mean that you need to add them yourself, using images of the individual form pages. Detailed advice on this topic can be found in our FAQ section. Likewise if you previously used a PDF file as an image source e.g. for your logo, all you need do is convert your logo to a JPEG image file.
  • We discontinued support for the 'Publisher' feature of Breeders Assistant version 4, Professional Edition. The 'publisher feature' was a means to distribute encrypted databases to 3rd parties using individual unlock codes. If you used this feature, you should not switch to version 5. If you are unsure whether this affects you, the answer is almost certainly not. Only a tiny number of customers ever used this feature.

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