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PedPro (Mac/Windows)

PedPro (Mac/Windows)

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Breeders Assistant for Cats

If you're a cat breeder, using a pedigree software product helps you keep track of your breeding records and saves you a great deal of time by producing high quality pedigree papers, quickly.

Compared to the traditional method of hand writing pedigrees it has many other advantages too - you can calculate inbreeding easily, keep health records for your breeding stock, and so on. Gone are the days when it took ages to hand write a pedigree only to find you've made a mistake and have to start again.

We have two products designed for cat breeders: PedPro and Breeders Assistant. You can store your records and print pedigrees with either.

PedPro (Mac/Windows)

PedPro (Mac/Windows)

Track All Your Cats Easily

As a breeder you care about the health and well-being of your breeding stock and you know its important to store and manage the information about your cats.

With our products you can keep it all together in one place - everything from the essentials like name, date of birth, parentage and breed, microchip data and so on. If there isn't space provided for something you want to enter that's no problem, you can just add your own user-defined fields. And from this information you can easily print those essential documents - pedigrees.

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Suitable For Every Breed

It doesn't matter which breed you love - be it Burmese, Siamese, British Shorthair, Devon Rex, or any of the other breeds. You can use our programs for them all.

If you have multiple breeds that is fine too - you can have unlimited pedigree data files so you can keep separate breeds separate. And if you opt for the Pro Edition of Breeders Assistant it even understands the cat color genetics of most of the pedigree breeds, so it can predict the colors you can expect from a prospective mating, and even include that in a trial mating or a mating certificate.

Don't Repeat Yourself

Building pedigrees by hand is a very time consuming process as anyone who has done it will know. Frequently you find yourself copying out the same ancestors, often multiple times within the same certificate. Even if you've been doing it in longhand or with software such as Excel or Word to create a pedigree template or chart you face the same fundamental problem of having to continually repeat the same information.

With our products once you have entered the details of any particular cat once you don't have to do it ever again, no matter how many times it recurs as an ancestor of other cats. And if you need to change cat's details - if for example it becomes a Champion, or you need to fix a typing error - then by just changing those details in one place they automatically take effect whenever that cat appears elsewhere as an ancestor. It does this by understanding the links between cats and their parents and so constructs the certificate automatically, tracing the lines of ancestry in your database.

Safe and Secure

Our software stores your information privately on your own computer and does not require access to the internet. Your pedigree data is not shared on or uploaded online in any form whatsoever. So you can be quite certain that your data will remain yours - and yours only. There is no possibility of it being 'hacked' into or lost in the 'cloud' - because it is never stored there.

All you need do is make periodic backups of your data - which means simply copying your pedigree data file(s) to a safe place (such as a USB stick), in just the same way as you might backup any other document or file.

Take Pride in Your Pedigrees

Breeder Assistant for Cats Copperplate Pedigree

Breeder Assistant for Cats Copperplate Pedigree

Our software prints beautiful pedigrees. Really beautiful.

Breeder Assistant for Cats Copperplate Pedigree

Breeder Assistant for Cats Copperplate Pedigree

Not just simple tables - truly wonderful certificate grade results. The kind of pedigrees you will be proud to give to buyers of your kittens.

And you can customize those pedigrees in many ways - for example to include a photo, have Champions in red, or to have 4, 5 or even 6 generations of ancestors, or display the inbreeding coefficient or have a watermark image background.

You can even include special effects such as wonderful calligraphic text in the 'copperplate' pedigrees of Breeders Assistant.

Print All Your Cat Papers

Sometimes you want to produce other breeding paperwork, such as mating certificates if you have stud cats, or sale agreements. Breeders Assistant can produce these too and many more such as ancestor listings, descendant reports, etc. Both products will print cover sheets (for folded 'booklet' style pedigrees) and trial mating pedigrees.

Improve Your Breeding Decisions - Breed Better Cats

Kittens As a responsible breeder not only do you want to breed healthy kittens but you want to improve your breeding lines e.g. to improve their conformity to breed standards. Our products let you monitor the relationship between sire and dam, helping you to understand how your cats are related through their pedigrees.

The software calculates the inbreeding for any cat or prospective mating in your database using Wright's method. You can highlight repeat and common ancestors in your pedigrees instantly. So you can see at a glance which ancestors are giving rise to inbreeding, and which ancestors are having the greatest influence. With Breeders Assistant you can also view the %blood influence of ancestors in any mating.

No Monthly Fee

You don't pay a monthly fee with our products. You buy a perpetual license to use the current version of the software at the time of purchase. You can use our software for as long as you like without ever having to pay any more1.

Register Your Cats

Remember that to register your cats and kittens in the traditional way you have to do that with a recognized, official, cat registry. Such as the GCCF in the UK, or the CFA or TICA in the US. And there are others too. To properly register your cat/kitten will involve paying a registration fee to the registry.

Try Our Products for Free

All our products have free trial versions, including Breeders Assistant for Cats and PedPro.

The Breeders Assistant is the more comprehensive product as it can store additional data/records - such as show records - and as such tends to be the product of choice for serious breeders. If you just need to produce a pedigree quickly and not much more then we recommend you consider PedPro first. PedPro is also available in a native Mac version, whereas to use Breeders Assistant on a Mac requires that you also have Parallels.

If you're unsure which one suits you best we have a flowchart to help you choose.

1. When you buy a license for one of our products, as well as getting a copy of the latest version you choose between having 1 or 3 years access to support/updates. During this period all updates to your version/edition of the program are free. You can extend this period at any time, including after your existing support/updates period has ended, by purchasing a support/updates extension. But that's your choice. You don't have to and, more importantly, there is no time limit on how long you can use your version of the software, irrespective of whether or not your period for support/updates has ended.

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