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Tenset is a developer and supplier of software products for Windows and Mac.

Our most well established product is the Breeders Assistant, and its sister program Pedigree Assistant. The Breeders Assistant is a comprehensive animal breeding program used primarily by cat and dog breeders, though it is supplied in many different versions for different animal species including horse, cavy, bird, rat, rabbit, hamster, and a generic version suited to other animals. Closely related is the Pedigree Assistant, which is a simpler product which focuses purely on producing high quality printed pedigree certificates, using the same style of user interface and extensive pedigree customization options as the Breeders Assistant.

Both these products are designed to run on Windows, though many customers also run them on the Mac, using a Windows environment such as Parallels. The first version of Breeders Assistant was launched back in 1996, and was initially available just for cats and ran under Windows 3.1. More recently we released a version 5 with full support for Windows 10 (though still maintaining support for some earlier Windows versions including Windows 7 and Vista).

In 2014 we released a new pedigree software product, PedPro. This is an incredibly easy to use program for producing pedigrees using a straightforward pedigree chart which you simply fill in. However it still remembers the details of animals as you enter them, including their sire/dam relations, so that when you include them in another pedigree later the program will pull in their details and their ancestors based on what you previously entered. PedPro includes inbreeding calculations, the means to save pedigrees as PDF files, ancestor highlighting, and trial pedigrees and cover sheets. Its available for both Windows and Mac. The Mac version is a native Mac application, and is obtained directly from this site; it is not available on the Mac App Store.

In 2017 we released PedPal, a Mac-only sister product to PedPro that is exclusively available through the Mac App Store. This is similar to PedPro though does not include some features such as pedigree cover sheets and trial matings.

We also have some products that are not traditional pedigree programs. GedScape is a genealogy software utility for viewing GEDCOM files and extracting data e.g. for import into Excel. PedScope is a software tool for advanced pedigree analysis, with applications in captive breeding programmes for endangered species conservation and safe breeding practices within closed or small populations such as pedigreed livestock, cats, dogs, etc.

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