Discontinued Product Downloads

Listed below are downloads for products which we no longer sell and have been discontinued.

None of these downloads are supported - use at your own risk - unless you are still within your support period in which case we will continue to provide product support until that period expires.

PedPal Version Date File Details
PedPal for Windows 2.3.02 July 2014 Download

PedPal was discontinued because almost everybody who was interested in this product ended up buying PedPro instead. PedPro does everything that PedPal does, and more.

If you are a PedPal customer and you wish to continue to upgrade your product, and/or access customer support, you may take advantage of upgrading to PedPro at the end of your current support period for the same price as if you had obtained PedPro in the first place. Simply purchase a PedPro Upgrade. Pedigree data files created with PedPal can be used directly by PedPro - the file format is the same - so all your data would carry through to PedPro without loss.

PedPal for Mac 2.3.02 July 2014 Download
PedPal for Windows 2.2.02 March 2014 Download
PedPal for Mac 2.2.02 March 2014 Download
FSpeed Version Date File Details
FSpeed for Windows 2.04a 2005 Download

FSpeed was discontinued when PedScope was introduced. FSpeed is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP. It is no longer supported.

Phenotype Predictor Version Date File Details
Phenotype Predictor for Cats 2.03 2005 Download

Phenotype Predictor was a free utility for determining the color/pattern for a given color genotype. The same functionality is embedded into Breeders Assistant Professional v5 for Cats/Dogs. Phenotype Predictor is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP. It is not supported.

Phenotype Predictor for Dogs 2.03 2005 Download

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