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Main Menu
Main Menu

The 'main menu' is the starting page that is initially shown after opening a GEDCOM file. It is comprised of:

Customizing the Main Menu

To customize the main menu, choose Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'GedScape' application menu) and select the Main Menu tab. You can move items up and down the list to control the order they appear on the main menu, you can rename them, and, in the case of indexes and summary tables, customize them.

You can also add user-defined reports to the main menu. To do this, first use Report|Create Report to create the reports, and Report|Organize Reports to adjust them. Be sure to check the Include on main menu option for every report you want to access from the main menu.

A wide variety of report styles is available and gives you the means to include, in effect, links to pages for specific individuals such as significant ancestors directly on the main menu. E.g. you could include descendants charts for specific individuals this way.

To see an example of reports included in the main menu, load the sample GEDCOM file (select File|Open Sample GEDCOM).

A kind of 'mini main menu' is also included in every page apart from the main menu. We call this the 'quick links bar' and it looks like this:

Quick Links Bar

You can customize the contents of the quick links bar using the Preferences window (as above).

When exporting a web site you can choose whether or not to include the quick links bar.

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