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GedScape is available for both Windows and Mac.

Please choose either the Windows or Mac version:


GedScape For Windows    
GedScape For Mac   Note you can also obtain this through the Mac App Store - open your Mac's App Store icon and search for 'GedScape'.


Order by Phone? Call us on 01223 290291 (UK) or +44 1223 290291 (Intl) if you prefer to place your order by phone. Office hours 9am-5.30pm UK time, Mon-Fri.

NOTE: GedScape is not a genealogy database creation program i.e. this is not software you can use to key in and build up a family tree or genealogy database. For that, we suggest you google for "genealogy software" and take your pick. Rather, GedScape is a utility for easily displaying, converting, extracting and generating web sites from existing GEDCOM files.

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