Pedigree Software for the Mac

PedPro for the Mac

PedPro for the Mac

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Breeders Assistant for Cats

If you're a cat or dog breeder and you need pedigree or breeding software for the Mac, we have products for you!

Native Mac Software

If it is important to you that you have a native Mac product - i.e. one that does not require a product such as Parallels (a Windows environment for the Mac) to run, consider our PedPro software. You can download a free trial version or purchase a copy through this site. PedPro is not on the App Store.

PedPro for the Mac

PedPro for the Mac

Using Parallels

Your other option is to use a Windows-enabling environment such as Parallels, and then to install one of our products designed for Windows within that. We have many customers who have done this, especially to use Breeders Assistant. But, this is not for everyone. It is one of the reasons why we developed PedPro - to have a genuinely native Mac product.

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Breeders Assistant for Cats

Common Features

In addition to saving you a great deal of time these programs can automatically compute the inbreeding coefficient, keep additional information such as health records, produce related documents such as mating certificates or sales agreements, and so on.

Both these products will store your breeding records and print pedigrees with ease.

Stores Your Data

With Breeders Assistant and PedPro you can keep all your breeding data together in one place - starting with the essentials like name, date of birth, details of the sire, dam and color and so on. If there isn't a box for something you need to enter you can add your own user-defined fields. And from this information you can easily print those essential documents - pedigree certificates.

Our products store your information on your own computer, not online, and do not require access to the internet to run. Your records are not shared on or uploaded to the internet. There is no possibility of unauthorised access in the 'cloud' or similar - because your data is never stored there.

You should however make regular backups of your data. In practice this means copying your breed data file(s) e.g. to a USB stick, just as you would backup any other file.

Make Your Pedigrees Impress

Breeder Assistant for Dogs Copperplate Pedigree

Breeder Assistant for Dogs Copperplate Pedigree

When you give someone a pedigree you want them to be impressed. Its an important document and should look professional.

Our software prints wonderful certificates, especially with the 'copperplate' style built into Breeders Assistant.

Breeder Assistant for Dogs Copperplate Pedigree

Breeder Assistant for Dogs Copperplate Pedigree

You can configure the layout in various ways such as the depth of ancestry included (typically 4 or 5 generations), whether or not to include the inbreeding coefficient, whether to include registation numbers, or to display a watermark background.

Prints All Your Pedigree Papers

Sometimes you want to produce other paperwork, such as mating certificates or sale agreements. Breeders Assistant can produce these too and many more such as ancestor listings, descendant reports, etc. Both products will print cover sheets (for folded 'booklet' style pedigrees) and trial matings.

If you opt for the Pro Edition of Breeders Assistant it even understands the color genetics of many breeds of pedigree dogs and cats, and can predict colors for a prospective mating based on the known color genotypes of the parents which can then be included in documents such as trial matings and stud certificates.

Improve Your Breeding Lines

Kittens As a serious breeder of course you want to breed healthy animals but you also need to maintain and protect your breeding lines e.g. to improve their conformity to breed standards and to keep en eye on inbreeding.

All our products can calculate inbreeding for any animal or mating using the standard formula (Wright's) and you can select the number of generations of ancestors used in the calculation. You can also highlight repeat and common ancestors which makes it easy to see which of the nearest ancestors are giving rise to inbreeding and which are having the greatest influence.

No Recurring Fee

You don't pay a recurring e.g. monthly fee with our software. You buy a one-time license to use the current version of the software at the time of purchase, and you can then use that version as long as you like without ever having to pay any more.1.

Try Our Products for Free

All our products have free trial versions, including Breeders Assistant and PedPro.

The Breeders Assistant is the more comprehensive program as it can store additional data/records - such as show records - and as such tends to be the product of choice for serious breeders. If you only need to print pedigrees and little else you may find PedPro more suitable.

If you're unsure which one suits you best we have a flowchart to help you choose.

1. When you buy a license for one of our products, as well as getting a copy of the latest version you choose between having 1 or 3 years access to support/updates. During this period all updates to your version/edition of the program are free. You can extend this period at any time, including after your existing support/updates period has ended, by purchasing a support/updates extension. But that's your choice. You don't have to and, more importantly, there is no time limit on how long you can use your version of the software, irrespective of whether or not your period for support/updates has ended.

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