Version 2 Download

This download is provided for the convenience of customers of the last major version of Pedigree Assistant prior to the release of the v3 series.

Before downloading, please note:

  • Pedigree Assistant v2 was discontinued several years ago, we do not support it any more, and it is not fully compatible with Windows 10. We do not recommend its use. For continued access to support and updates you must upgrade to the current release instead.
  • You will need your existing download password, serial number and installation key. The serial number string must start with the letter T, and it must have been issued between July 2005 and March 2014.
  • You can find this information on the letter you received if you purchased the CD version of Pedigree Assistant, or in the email that you received with the installation codes.
  • Failing that, if you still have access to the software you can find it as follows:
    1. Open Pedigree Assistant.
    2. Select About Pedigree Assistant from the Help menu.
    3. Check the program version, which is in the top line of the 'About' Window. It will say something like this: Pedigree Assistant, v2.07a, Built on .... The version number must start with v2.
    4. Next, check the serial number. You will find this in the middle of the window. It must start with the letter T.
  • If your serial number begins with the letter S then you will need to purchase a support/updates extension in order to get an installation code for the current release. Very old releases can be downloaded by registered customers but they are unsupported.

Pedigree Assistant
for Cats
Full Product v2.07a

How To Install - when you click the download link your browser will download an 'installer' program to your computer. Once this has finished - usually just a few seconds - you will need to open the downloaded file in order to install the software. Some browsers show recent downloads at the bottom of the web page. Good luck!


Downloading Problem? If downloading fails, perhaps due to a firewall, try this alternative download link.

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