Update or Replacement CD

If you previously bought a license for Pedigree Assistant then you can use this page to order a replacement CD.

Note we can also supply the software on a USB stick. Please use a separate order form to get the USB version.

You can order a replacement CD at any time, including after your period for support has expired. If you are still within your support period, this is a way to get the current version on CD. But if your support period has expired, we will send you the latest version to which you were entitled at the point when your support period ended.

You cannot use this order form to upgrade to any version of the product that was released after your support period expired; for that you need to purchase an upgrade instead.

E.g. if you have Pedigree Assistant version 2, you cannot get version 3 by ordering a replacement CD. You need to order a support extension instead, which will then include a version 3 install code.

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