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Most of the commonly asked questions about Pedigree Assistant are covered in our FAQ section.

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Be sure to check out the FAQ list before contacting us - its often a much quicker way to get to the answer you need without needing to go through Customer Service.

If your question is not covered by the FAQs, please visit the customer service help desk where you can submit a support request.

Version 2 Customers - Please Read

In 2014, version 2 of Pedigree Assistant was discontinued, having been superseded by the version 3 series. It is no longer supported.

Please note there is no requirement that you upgrade to version 3 - you can continue to use the version 2 software for as long as you like; the license is not date limited. But, you won't have continued access to support, and it is not fully compatible with Windows 10. We recommend that you purchase a support/updates extension in order to upgrade to the current version.

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