System Requirements

Pedigree Assistant requires a computer with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Please note that Windows XP and earlier versions are not supported. A minimum of 1Gb memory is recommended.

In practice, any PC with Windows that is less than 6 years old will almost certainly be sufficient to run Pedigree Assistant. Obviously you also need a printer to print out your pedigrees - any page-oriented printer that works with Windows should be sufficient, such as a typical inkjet or laser printer.

Mac Users

You can also run Pedigree Assistant but you must also have a Windows environment on your Mac that supports genuine Windows based software. E.g. the 3rd party product 'Parallels' for the Mac together with a valid version of Windows is known to support Pedigree Assistant. 'Parallels' can be obtained from most Apple stores.

If you are looking for a native pedigree program for the Mac you should consider our PedPro product.

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