Pedigree Assistant - Overview

This is a short introductory video to Pedigree Assistant 3. For full product information click here.

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Video Topics

00:00 Introduction 10:45 The main window again
00:20 Creating a data file 11:08 Exploring the newly added pedigree
00:44 The main window 11:57 Pedigree layout with photo
02:15 Changing the pedigree style 12:35 Inbreeding coefficient
02:47 Printing a pedigree 12:48 Pedigree logo
03:00 Adding an animal (create new pedigree) 14:34 Changing an animals details (updating records)
04:06 Setting the breeder and owner 15:14 Preferences
05:00 Adding a photo 16:10 Customizing the pedigree layout
05:21 Entering the ancestors 20:01 5+ Generation pedigrees (how to enter more than 4G ancestors)

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