Feature Comparison

Use this table to compare our 3 pedigree software products - Pedigree Assistant, Breeders Assistant, and PedPro.

Feature Pedigree Assistant Breeders Assistant PedPro
Native Mac version? No, but see note 1 No, but see note 1 Yes
Windows versions supported? Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista
Maximum number of animals 10,000 75,000 (Personal Edition)
1,000,000 (Pro/Commercial Edition)
Printed pedigrees Yes Yes Yes
Save Pedigrees as PDF No, but see note 2 No, but see note 2 Yes
Save Pedigrees as Images (JPEG/PNG) Yes Yes Yes
HTML pedigrees - Yes -
Breeder Logo in Pedigrees Yes Yes Yes
Watermark Image Behind Pedigree Yes Yes Yes
Photos in Pedigree Yes Yes Yes
Calligraphic Effects in Pedigrees Yes Yes -
Customizable Borders Yes Yes Yes
Artistic Border and Corner Graphics Yes Yes -
Customize pedigree fonts and colors Yes Yes Yes
Max. Generations Ancestors in a Printed Pedigree 8, but see note 3 8, but see note 3 6, but see note 3
Large Format pedigrees (A3/A2 or US size B/C) Yes Yes Yes
Champions in Red Yes Yes Yes
Circular Pedigrees - Yes -
Cat Specific Features - Yes -
Dog Specific Features - Yes -
Reverse Pedigrees - Yes -
Pedigree Cover Sheets Yes Yes Yes
Inbreeding Coefficient Yes, max 20G Yes, max 60G Yes, max 24G
Relationship Coefficient - Yes -
Rate of Inbreeding (loss of heterozygosity) - Yes -
Tabulates Inbreeding for All Animals - Yes -
Color Genetics Prediction - Yes (Pro Edition Needed) -
Ancestor Listings - Yes -
Common Ancestor Highlighting Yes Yes Yes
Repeat Ancestor Highlighting Yes Yes Yes
Descendant Listings - Yes -
Trial Mating Pedigrees - Yes Yes
Mating Records - Yes -
Show Records - Yes (but not Horse or Generic version) -
Vaccination Records - Yes -
Vet Records - Yes -
Contact Records Yes Yes -
User Defined Fields Yes, but see note 4 Yes, but see note 4 Yes, but see note 5
Import From Text/CSV Yes (CSV/text) Yes (CSV/text) Yes (CSV/text)
Export Data Yes (CSV/text) Yes (CSV/text) Yes (CSV/text)
Vaccination Records - Yes -
Accounting Records - Yes, but see note 6 -
Mating Certificates - Yes -
Sale Agreements - Yes -
Appointments/Tasks Diary - Yes -
Web Pedigree Database Exports - Yes (Alfirin/PedServe) -

1. Can be used on a Mac if you also have 'Parallels' or similar.
2. You can save pedigrees as PDF files by installing a 'print-as-PDF' product such as the freely available 'CutePDF' program and then printing the pedigree in the normal way.
3. You need a large format printer in order to print 6+ generations ancestors in a readable font.
4. Each record in Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant can have up to 5 user defineable text fields, plus 5 user defineable date fields, 5 user defineable numeric fields and 5 user defineable currency fields.
5. PedPro supports up to 25 user defineable fields per record.
6. Breeders Assistant supports simple invoices and receipts within a rudimentary accounting feature. For anything other than very basic accounts, use dedicated accounts software and not Breeders Assistant.

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