Pedigree Design - Structure

Pedigree Structure

The pedigree layout is made up of one or more elements, referred to as 'boxes' within PedPal. Several of these boxes are positioned horizontally adjacent to each other in a 'header band' that runs along the top of the pedigree: the Logo, Title, Details, Photo and Right Logo boxes. Beneath the header is the main element of the pedigree: the Ancestors box. Below the ancestors box is the Signature box.

All of the header boxes and the signature area are optional, and it is quite normal to only use 2 or 3 of these. Use the check boxes in the right side panel to select the elements you want to include.

The two Logo boxes display static content that remains the same irrespective of whichever pedigree you are viewing. I.e. their content does not vary as you switch from one pedigree to another. In a typical setup you would use at most one of the logo boxes, and which one you use is just a matter of personal style.

To resize any of the boxes, first click the Design Mode checkbox (near the top of the main window), then drag the resize bars that appear in the pedigree.

Pedigree Background

There is also a 'background' box which covers the whole pedigree, and by default is not visible at all because it has no border, padding or content, and all the other boxes are superimposed on top of it. The main use of the background is for displaying a watermark image. To do this right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) over the pedigree and choose Background Settings from the popup menu. Typically a faded photo is used so as to not obliterate the pedigree that will be drawn on top. By adjusting other properties of the background you can achieve other effects, e.g. to set a border which will enclose the whole pedigree.

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