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Trial For Mac

PedPal for Mac is available as both a free trial version and a full version (paid for). The trial version is obtained from this web site. The full version is available from the Mac App Store.

How To Install - click the above button. This will download a file to your Mac - you should end up with a new icon in your Downloads or Desktop folder. Double-click that icon to open a new Finder window. Within that Finder window you will see a single icon for PedPal. Drag that PedPal icon from the Finder window into your 'Applications' folder.

This is a 30 day feature-restricted version of the program. If you do decide to get the full version (from the Mac App Store), we recommend you uninstall the trial version first so as to avoid having multiple PedPal icons on your desktop - just drag the trial version's icon to the trash can. Data you save with the trial version will carry through to the paid version - just save your data file(s) in your normal documents folder.

Downloading Problem? If downloading fails, perhaps due to a firewall, try this alternative download link.

Full Version vs. Free Trial

The advantages of the paid, full, version over the free trial are:

  • It is not limited to 30 days use
  • It works with data files of up to 10,000 records whereas the free trial is limited to 50
  • Export and print facilities are enabled
  • Printed pedigrees do not include a 'trial version' message
  • Access support and updates

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