Ordering & Dispatch

What extra do I get with the full (paid) version?

  • It is not limited to 30 days use
  • It works with data files of up to 10,000 records whereas the free trial is limited to 50
  • Export and print facilities are enabled
  • Printed pedigrees do not include a 'trial version' message
  • Access to support and updates

Can I use PedPal on my Mac or iPad?

You can run it on your Mac. PedPal is a fully native Mac application that requires Mac OS 10.9 or later.

iPad: this software will not run on an iPad (or iPhone) or similar.

How can I order PedPal?

This product can be ordered through the Mac App Store.

Will I have to re-enter all the pedigrees I entered into the trial version?

No. All the pedigree data you save with the trial version will automatically carry through to the full version if you decide to get it.

Data Conversion & Transfer

How do I convert my pedigree data from Breeders Assistant or Pedigree Assistant to PedPal?

Select Import From Breeders Assistant or Import From Pedigree Assistant from the File menu.

Does PedPal convert from my 3rd party pedigree program 'insert name'?

PedPal includes a very powerful and flexible text/CSV import feature. This can be used to import most formats of data so long as they are presented in a text/CSV file. Many 3rd party pedigree programs can generate or export data in text/CSV format.

If you are unsure whether your current program is capable of exporting in a suitable format, see if your program can export to a spreadsheet (such as Excel). If it can, then almost certainly you will be able to have PedPal import the same format data as your program is able to export to the spreadsheet.

Do you provide pedigree data conversion services e.g. to transfer from an old data format?

Possibly. We can provide consultancy to help convert pedigree data from older file formats e.g. to extract data from files stored by now-defunct 3rd party products.

Please contact the customer service help desk for further information, supplying as much detail about what it is you are trying to convert, preferably including some sample data.

How can I use pedigree data supplied by someone else?

If you're getting the data from someone who has PedPal or PedPro, then the easiest way to reuse the data is for them to give you a copy of their data file. You can then open it directly in PedPal - just select Open from the File menu. PedPal and PedPro use an interchangeable file format.

If you're getting the data from someone who has either our Pedigree Assistant or Breeders Assistant product, then the easiest way is for them to give you a copy of their data file and then use the Import from Breeders Assistant or Import from Pedigree Assistant option from the File menu.

If you're getting the data from someone who has any other product, such as a 3rd party pedigree program, the person supplying the data needs to supply you with a text/CSV file for the pedigree data. How they create that file depends on the capabilities of the particular program they are using, and is beyond the scope of this FAQ. As a minimum, the data needs to include columns for the animal name, sire, dam, and gender. Ideally it will include the date of birth too. If the file can include a 'header' line that gives column labels, this will usually make it easier to import into PedPal. Once you have the file, select Import Text/CSV Data from the File menu. The program will take you through a series of windows where you can select the import file format. One of these windows will let you define the import columns in the data.

How can I use my data with your PedScope pedigree analysis package?

PedScope is a software tool for advanced pedigree analysis and can be useful when implementing safe breeding practices within small populations such as pedigreed livestock, cats, dogs, etc. It can help when making decisions such as mate selection where you are seeking to minimize inbreeding or to maximize the retained genetic diversity within a closed population.

PedScope is a separate product that does not directly support the native file format used by PedPal. Instead, PedScope accepts data in text/CSV format. But it is easy to export a data file directly from PedPal for use with PedScope.

Start by selecting Export Data from the File menu within PedPal. Next, choose the file you would like to export your data as. You're then taken through a series of windows that ask you for the file format details. Just accept all the defaults, except that when you get to the final window that asks for the columns to be exported, make sure that you turn OFF the option to include the ID column. Then export the file. Once you have the file, open PedScope, then select Open from the File menu and accept all the defaults when prompted for the input file format.

Using PedPal

Where do I change the date format?

Select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'PedPal' application menu), then click on the System tab.

Note that the date format used when importing CSV data is set as part of the import options.

See Importing.

How do I customize PedPal?

Customizations that are not specific to the current pedigree data file - display preferences etc. - are controlled using the Preferences window - select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'PedPal' application menu).

Customization specific to the pedigree data - such as the user defined fields - are controlled using the File Settings window - select File|Settings.

See Customization.

Why are the printed pedigree margins badly out, or parts of the pedigree are 'chopped' off?

A relatively common problem with margin setup is that either the right or the bottom margin (or, both), is 'way out' - i.e. on the actual printed sheet you are seeing either a much larger margin than you would expect or a large part of the printout is being unexpectedly 'chopped off'.

When this happens it usually means that there is a paper size inconsistency somewhere. E.g. if the actual physical sheet of paper you are printing on is A4, but your printer (and/or the printer setup on your computer) 'thinks' it is US Letter size.

The way to fix this is to make sure that your printer settings on your computer and/or printer are consistent with the actual paper size you are using.

How do I add/delete data fields?

Select File|Settings, then click on the User Fields tab. Here you can add/remove/rename the available fields.

See Customization - Data Fields.

How do I change the order of data fields e.g. in the pedigree title?

Select File|Settings, then click on the Form Field Order tab. Move the fields up and down the list.

See Customization - Data Fields.

How do I choose which fields are included in the pedigree?

Select File|Settings, then adjust the 'Default Field Usage' for the fields in the User Fields and System Fields tabs.

See Customization - Data Fields.

How do I set up a background image (watermark)?

All you need do is right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) over the pedigree, select Background Settings, then click Add Photo.

See Pedigree Design - Background Photos.

How do I get Champions etc. to be highlighted in the pedigree e.g. in red?

Make sure that you enter the title part of the name into the separate Title box in the Animal Details window; don't include it as part of the name. This way PedPal will know to use title highlighting when displaying the name e.g. in a pedigree.

To change the way names are highlighted - e.g. to have them in bold rather than red - select File|Settings, then select a different Title Highlighting option.

See Customization - Name Format.

How do I set up a page border?

To set a border around the whole pedigree:

  • right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) over the pedigree, select Background Settings
  • Switch to the Background Settings tab
  • In the Border Style group (top left), turn off Automatic and set a line and corner style
  • In the Padding group (top right), set an equal small padding on each side

See Pedigree Design - Box Settings - Box Border and Pedigree Design - Box Settings - Box Padding.


Do you have a phone contact?

We prefer online communication as the main way to get in touch with us (contact the customer service help desk).

However if you would like to speak to a representative, call us on 07305 733620 (UK) or +44 7305 733620 (Intl). Our office hours are 9am-5.30pm UK time, Mon-Fri.

Is there a printed manual?

No. But there is a PDF version of the User Guide that's installed as part of the program - access it through the Help menu within PedPal.

Do you have a foreign language version of PedPal, in French/Spanish/etc.?

Not currently. Our program is in English.

However if there is sufficient demand we may produce foreign language versions of this product.

How do I uninstall PedPal?

Just drag PedPal to the trash can.

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