Customization - Select Record window

The Select Record window is used whenever you want to choose an animal record from a list, e.g. when choosing the sire in a pedigree. This window has a 'Key Fields' panel which is used to show the more important fields for the currently selected animal in that window. You can control which fields are included in that 'Key Fields' panel and their order.

NOTE: The Select Record window is resizable - if you resize the window in the usual way (drag the bottom-right corner) then PedPro will remember the size and use it from that point on.

To have a field appear in the 'Key Fields' panel what you need to do is first locate the field on either the User Fields or System Fields tab of the File Settings window (choose File|Settings). Next, edit the field's details by selecting it and clicking the Edit button. Then in the Edit Field window, check the Show as a 'Key Field' within the Select Record window option.

Once you have selected the fields you want to include in the 'Key Fields' panel, you can optionally adjust their order of display. You do this from the Select Window Layout tab of the File Settings window.

On this tab you will see a list containing most of the fields (both user and system).

All the fields listed will be shown in the 'Key Fields' panel in the order given.

By default, PedPro will try to arrange the fields automatically. This does a reasonable job but you may well prefer to manually set your own placement. To change that order, first uncheck the Determine layout automatically box and then:

  • Move fields up or down the list. To move a field, select it then use the Up or Up button.
  • Force a field to start a new column, check the New Column checkbox.

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