Form Design

The layout of pedigrees and other forms may be customized in many ways. You can:

  • Include or exclude elements such as photos, logo, or pedigree signature
  • Set a background image (watermark)
  • Change fonts and text color
  • Set border thickness, style and color
  • Set background colors
  • Change the displayed text, including selection of data fields
  • Resize form elements, such as photos and ancestor cells

The way to go about changing many of these layout properties is fairly obvious, and you may well find that you do not need to refer to this guide in order to make those changes. However, reading the information given here will give you a better understanding of how a form is structured, and this will help you customize the appearance more effectively.

TIP: Be sure to click the Design Mode option (in the right side panel - if you can't see the side panel then click the Show Side Panel button which can be found in the upper right corner of the PedPro window). This gives access to more options and causes 'resize bars' to appear which can be moved to resize form elements.

TIP 2: Many layout settings can be accessed through popup menus. Just point at whatever you want to change, then right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) to see the menu.

Chapter Contents

  1. Structure
  2. Box Settings
  3. Form Defaults
  4. Ancestors
  5. Text
  6. Text Style
  7. Photos
  8. Background Photos
  9. Photo Cropping
  10. Photos With Text

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