Form Design - Box Settings

Box Structure

Box Structure

Most boxes in a form are laid out in a similar way. Each box has a border that encloses some kind of content - such as text or a photo (or both). Separating the border and the content area is a padding gap.

Both border and padding are optional, and can be zero sized in which case the box comprises solely its 'content' area. E.g. the pedigree 'ancestors box' typically has no border and zero padding and is entirely filled with the table of ancestor cells.

Box Structure

Box Structure

Box Border

The border is defined by its thickness, color, line type (solid, dotted or dashed) and corner type (square, or various forms of rounded corner).

In order to have a border appear around any form element, it needs to have a border style other than None, a non-zero border thickness, and a visible border color. It is not sufficient to just set just one of these properties.

Box Padding

The padding is simply an amount of space separating the border from the box's content. The thicknesses of the top, left, bottom and right padding are set separately.

Fill (Box Background)

The Fill Color and Fill Style control the background of the box content and any padding. The style is normally 'solid' but can be set to a pattern in which case the form background will show through. The default setting is for all boxes to have a transparent fill color, thus allowing anything that is beneath the box (such as a background watermark) to show through.

You can also set the Fill Opacity, which controls the extent to which anything that is 'underneath' the box is allowed to 'show through' the fill pattern.

Box Content

The content typically comprises text and/or a photo, and some settings that affect their appearance such as font size, text color/alignment and photo position/alignment.

For further details please see Form Design - Text, Form Design - Text Style and Form Design - Photos.

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