Form Design - Photo Cropping

This help topic explains how to control image sizing and cropping, and how the various photo 'Mode' settings can be used.

To alter how a photo is sized/cropped, there are two main approaches:

  • Resize the area in which it is displayed to change its aspect ratio to match the image. The aspect ratio of a photo is its width divided by its height. By resizing the area in which the photo is to be drawn so that it matches the aspect ratio of the photo itself, little or none of it will be cropped. To do this, first click the Design Mode checkbox (in the right side panel), then drag the resize bars that appear in the form display. To hide the bars, just click Design Mode again. This is obviously not possible with a background (watermark) image (although you can adjust the margins).
  • Or, alter the photo positioning Mode.

When a photo is displayed, the default setting is for PedPro to stretch it so it occupies the entire area in which it is drawn, whilst retaining its aspect ratio. This is the so-called Bleed setting and what it means is that, unless the aspect ratio of the photo matches that of the area in which it is drawn, some of the photo will be cropped - i.e. chopped off. Depending on the shape of the image, parts of either the left+right sides, or the top+bottom, will be cropped.

E.g. Say you are doing the pedigree for a dog and have added this photo to a dogs record:

Golden Retriever

The aspect ratio of this photo is about 1.5: i.e. its width is about 50% more than its height.

Now, lets say you have decided that you want to set the Photo box in the pedigree to be approximately square. So, you resize the boxes in the heading (by clicking Design Mode and then dragging the resizing bars) to get the heading looking like this:

Pedigree Heading

Note the Photo box on the right is approximately square, and the image of the dog has been cropped on the left and right sides. The image has been stretched so it lies snugly against the box's borders.

There are four different settings for the photo Mode. To change it for a box, just right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) over the box and select the appropriate 'Settings' option from the popup menu. E.g. to change it for the animal Photo box in a pedigree, right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) and select Photo Settings. The Mode setting is found within the 'Photo Position' group which will be on either the Layout or Photo tabs (it varies from one 'Settings' window to another).

Mode Setting Description Example
Bleed The photo is drawn so that it entirely fills the box, right up to the border, and it is cropped if its aspect ratio does not match that of the box.

Picture Box Bleed Mode

Stretch The photo is drawn so that it fills the box, right up to but not including the padding, and it is cropped if its aspect ratio does not match that of the box. This usually looks better without rounded borders.

Picture Box Stretch Mode

Normal The photo is drawn at the maximum possible size whilst retaining its aspect ratio, but without cropping. This will usually result in there being space either above/below or left/right of the photo. Padding is respected.

Picture Box Normal Mode

None No photo is shown at all. Whilst this might not seem very useful, it is often used within ancestor cells so that pictures that have been stored in the ancestor records do not (normally) show in the ancestors table.

No Picture Box

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