PedPro includes the means to export your pedigree data for transfer to other programs or for display as a table.


Use this feature to transfer data from PedPro into other programs such as other pedigree programs. Whilst this can also be used for transfer to spreadsheets you may find you can get better results with an XML export - see below.

Choose File|Export Data, then specify the output file to be created. Note this file will be overwritten if it already exists. Select the output file format - which should be either a 'Text file' (*.txt) for a TAB separated file, or a 'CSV file' (*.csv) for a comma-separated file.

Next, the Export Text/CSV window is displayed. This lets you control the format of the export file, such as the character set and line ending style. Note that in most cases you do not need to change anything here as the defaults are usually suitable - in which case just click Next (Mac: click Continue) to proceed.

Finally, the Columns window appears. Here you can choose the fields from your data file that you want to be included in the export. Select whichever fields you need, then click Finish (Mac: click Done).

Other Formats - XML, ODF, HTML and PDF

The export facility also supports other export formats.

To export in any of these formats, proceed initially as for text/CSV export - i.e. choose File|Export Data - but then select the required alternative output file format.

Format Use
XML Useful for transferring the data to a spreadsheet. Preferable to Text/CSV in this situation because the XML format also preserves data type information, usually resulting in a better import into the spreadsheet.
HTML An HTML file with a single table for all the data.
PDF A Portable Document Format file.
ODF Open Document Format. Use this when transferring the data to a word processor.

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