Main Window

The PedPro main window
The PedPro main window

The main window is taken up mostly with a form you fill in by clicking in the various boxes. Just follow the on-screen instructions to enter the data.

PedPro supports 3 different forms - pedigrees, trial matings and pedigree cover sheets. Switch between them using the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner. Normally you would have this set to Pedigree.

The pedigree layout can be customized in many ways. To the right of the pedigree there are various checkboxes and menus you can use to adjust the pedigree layout. E.g. you can choose whether a signature area is to appear beneath the ancestors, the number of ancestor generations to display, and so on. If you can't see these options, click the Show Side Panel button which can be found in the upper right corner of the PedPro window.

To access additional layout options, click the Design Mode option (this is the bottom-most checkbox in the side panel). You will then be able to change the font and and many other stylistic aspects such as colors, line styles, watermarks etc. You can also resize the various form elements by dragging the divider bars that appear between the boxes of the pedigree.

The information shown in the pedigree is configurable. For example you can add extra data fields and have them displayed in the pedigree, in either the ancestors area, or the subject box (title), or both. For further information see Customization.

Click Print Preview to see how the form will appear when printed, use Print to print the current form. Or, use the PDF or JPEG buttons to save it as a PDF or image file.

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