Whats New - PedPro v3

Existing Customers

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PedPro v3 introduces some significant new features:

  • Direct pedigree import from Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant
  • Now supports multiline text fields
  • Max number of user defined fields increased from 25 to 200
  • Fields have many more configuration options
  • Customizable Data Entry Window
  • Addition of 'Details' boxes to pedigree and trial mating forms.
  • Reorganized user interface, including a list of animals now displayed down the left side and most controls moved to a right side panel which can now be hidden.

Pedigree Import from Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant

Commencing with PedPro v3 you can easily transfer pedigree data from these products into PedPro without need to use a CSV (text file) export/import procedure.

This is available in both the Windows and Mac versions of PedPro. If you are a Mac user and have previously stored your pedigrees using Breeders Assistant (BA) or Pedigree Assistant (PA) on a Windows PC, all you need to do is to copy your BA/PA data file from the Windows PC to your Mac, then import it into PedPro. It does not matter that the original data file was created under Windows.

Please note that PedPro is not intended to be a drop-in replacement to either Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant. Some rarely used data is not transferred. For further details click here.

To import your BA/PA data into PedPro all you need to do is:

Breeders Assistant Import Options
Breeders Assistant Import Options
  1. Choose either File|Import From Breeders Assistant or File|Import From Pedigree Assistant, then select your old pedigree data file.
  2. Once you have selected your input file, PedPro will inspect the file and its contents. Select the fields you want to import.
  3. Click OK. The file will be imported.
  4. Use File|Save As to save it as a PedPro data file.
  5. This last step is optional but recommended: select File|Settings and then adjust (i) the User Fields and (ii) the Details Window Layout tabs. This lets you control the names of the fields, their layout within the Record Details window and the order in which fields appear in pedigrees.

Customizable Data Entry

With PedPro you can add your own data fields (max 200), customize the pedigree layout to include those fields at relevant places on the pedigree, and organize the fields within data entry window as you wish.

User Data Field
User Data Field

To add a new data field select File|Settings, move to the User Fields tab, then click the Add button.

Choose the field type. Most often you will use plain 'Text' fields but you can also have date, percentage, number, choice, boolean and multi-line text fields.

Depending on the field type you can select various display settings and editing settings. Display settings affect how the field value is displayed in a pedigree e.g. with text fields you can force them to be shown in upper case. Editing settings control how you enter the data for the field. E.g. for a text field you normally use a plain text box but you can also choose whether it is to have a drop-down menu of previously entered values for that field and the size of the box.

You can also control where on the pedigree, if anywhere at all, the field is to be placed. E.g. if you choose to use a field for coat color, you might want to have that appear in the title box for the subject animal and in every ancestor generation shown. But with, say, a field for registration number or breeder, you might want it to only appear in the title box. To control this there is a Default Field Usage section with checkboxes to let you choose where you want the field to appear.

Once you have set up all the fields you want to use, the next step is to control their placement within the Record Details window.

Record Details Window Layout
Record Details Window Layout

You do this from the Details Window Layout tab of the File Settings window.

On this tab you will see a list of all the fields excepting for the name, sex and photo (the positioning of these fields is not configurable).

All the fields listed will be added to the Record Details window in the order given.

By default, PedPro will try to arrange the fields automatically. This does a reasonable job but you may well prefer to manually set your own placement. To change that order, first uncheck the Determine layout automatically box and then:

  • Move fields up or down the list. To move a field, select it then use the Up or Up button.
  • Force a field to start a new column in the Record Details window - check the New Column checkbox.
  • Force a field to start a new dialog tab in the Record Details window - just enter the tab label in the New tab box.

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