Old Downloads

Listed below are downloads for older versions of PedPro for the convenience of customers who, for whatever reason, wish to or need to remain with an older version.

NOTE We advise you to always use the current version of a product, where possible. If you are within your support period you can download and install the current version without charge. If your support period has expired you can upgrade.

PedPro Version Date File
PedPro for Windows 3.0.01 October 2016 Download
PedPro for Mac 3.0.01 October 2016 Download
PedPro for Windows 2.3.02 July 2014 Download
PedPro for Mac 2.3.02 July 2014 Download
PedPro for Windows 2.2.02 March 2014 Download
PedPro for Mac 2.2.02 March 2014 Download

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