PedPro groups most of the appearance information for all forms - fonts, borders, photo positioning etc. - together and this is referred to as a 'theme'. There is always a current theme in force, and the name of this theme is shown in the Theme dropdown menu in the right panel. Initially, there is just one theme, called 'Default'. You can create additional themes as you need, and then switch between them quickly by selecting from the dropdown.

Whenever you change the appearance of any part of the displayed form it is saved in the current theme.

Note that the theme does not extend to the presence, or absence of, the various boxes of a form. E.g. whether, or not, a pedigree includes a Logo box or a Signature area, is not considered part of the theme. But, a theme does include all the details of the appearance of each those elements, when they are visible.

Example: The default theme uses solid black lines for all box borders (for boxes that have them, that is), and all text in black. You might choose to create a new theme that changes those colors to dark blue. To achieve this all you have to do is:
- select New Theme from the Theme dropdown menu
- give it a name. e.g. 'Dark Blue'
- right-click (Mac: use Control + Click) over the displayed form and select Form Defaults
- change the border color and fill color to dark blue, then click OK

From this point on, you can switch between the color schemes by just changing the selected theme.

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