PedPro - Overview

This is a short introductory video to PedPro. For full product information click here.

NOTE: This video is for the previous version 2.3. It will be updated shortly for the current release.

TIP: This video is HD encoded (720); you may find it better to view it full screen.

Video Topics

00:00 Introduction 15:16 Data Fields
00:17 Running PedPro for the first time. 16:14 Inbreeding (2)
00:39 Opening Pedigree Files 16:36 Border Styles
02:25 The Main Window, Adding a Pedigree 17:22 Highlighting Repeat and Common Ancestors
05:00 Adding the Animal's Photo 17:42 Print Margins
05:35 Sizing the Photo 17:57 Zooming
06:48 Adding Ancestors 18:16 Printing
10:31 Inbreeding 18:25 Switching to a Different Pedigree
11:15 Setting the Logo 18:37 Print Preview
12:04 Customizing the Header Boxes 19:03 Saving Pedigree as PDF
12:48 Fonts 19:18 Preferences
13:32 Watermark (Background) Image 19:21 Preferences - Inbreeding
14:16 Colours 19:32 Preferences - Terminology
14:41 5+ Generation Pedigrees 20:02 Preferences - Date Format
14:51 Pedigree Column Widths 20:16 Saving your Pedigree Data File

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