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Influential Ancestors Report
Influential Ancestors Report

To view this report, choose Influential Ancestors from the report selector (at the top of the report pane) in the main window.

This report displays the most influential ancestors of a group of animals. To use this report you must first tag the animals whose influential ancestors you want to locate. This report does not operate with a single ancestor.

The 'influential ancestors' are those ancestors with the greatest contributions to the computation of the number of effective ancestors (fa). The table displayed includes a column that gives the marginal contribution of each ancestor to the current population.

The algorithm for determining influential ancestors [1] starts with the ancestor with the highest genetic contribution to the current population, and then proceeds to list other ancestors in decreasing order of their genetic contribution, whilst attempting to ensure that contributions already explained by influential ancestors previously found do not get considered twice.

The number of effective ancestors (fa) is also computed and displayed above the report along with the numbers of founder equivalents and founder genome equivalents.

For further information about the number of effective ancestors and related metrics, see Population Genetics.

1. Boichard, D, Maignel L, and Verrier, E. The value of using probabilities of gene origin to measure genetic variability in a population. Genetics Selection Evolution, 1997; 29(1): 5-23.

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