Breeders Assistant - Tutorials

Several tutorials are included which can be accessed by selecting Tutorials from the Help menu within Breeders Assistant.

The tutorials - as with all the product documentation - are available in both PDF and Windows Help File format.

  • First Steps - This tutorial shows how to get started with adding animals, entering ancestors, printing pedigrees, how to save as PDF, searching, inbreeding and more. Recommended for new customers.
  • Importing Data - This demonstrates how to import data from text/CSV files with several example data sets.
  • Pedigree Layouts - Turorial that introduces pedigree layouts and shows how they can be customized.
  • Working With Data - Shows how to customize user defined fields and work with records, indexes and advanced searching.
  • Tagging With The Professional/Extended Edition - Demonstrates the enhanced tagging facilities of the Professional and Extended Editions.
  • Mate Selection, Kinship And Population Analysis - Detailed introduction to the advanced population genetics tools of the Extended Edition.