Choosing A Tenset Pedigree Software Product - Try Breeders Assistant (Extended Edition)

Main Window With 4 Generation Copperplate Pedigree Mate Selection Matrix With Inbreeding Minimization Founder Contributions Key Metrics Gene Diversity Metrics Prospective Matings Ranked By Offspring Inbreeding Prospective Matings Ranked By Influence Prospective Matings Ranked By Gene Diversity Metrics Relationship Matrix

The Extended Edition of Breeders Assistant appears to most closely meet your requirements.

This is Tenset's classic record-based pedigree software program for breeders of cats, dogs, horses, rare breed sheep/goat/cattle and many other animals.

The Extended Edition builds on the Professional Edition in a number of ways but most importantly it includes a suite of advanced population genetics tools such as the means to prioritize prospective matings (e.g. to minimize the resultant inbreeding) and to compute a range of population genetics metrics such as mean kinships and other measures of genetic diversity. It also permit commercial use.

Includes printed pedigrees (including PDF), comprehensive record keeping & many features for kennel/cattery management.

Breeders Assistant is only available for Windows1 platforms (though, with a Windows environment such as 'Parallels' you can run it on a Mac2).


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1. Full version of Windows 10 or 11 required (not Windows 10S or Windows 11S).
2. However, the use of Breeders Assistant on the Mac is not formally supported.