Pedigree Assistant Downloads - Paid Version

If you are an existing customer and obtained your Pedigree Assistant license before November 2021 please read the important notes below before downloading.

Do you require the current release or an older version?

Current Release

The current release of Pedigree Assistant is v4.20, which was released on 6th April 2022.

Select Current Release

Older Releases

Use this option to download an old release. Old releases are unsupported.

Select Old Release



  • If the support expiry date for your previous purchase is November 2020 or later you can use the current release. However, if your period for support ended between November 2020 and October 2021, or you are a resident of the European Union, please contact the customer helpdesk before downloading to request a free set of install codes that will work with this release, for your current edition. If your period for support ends in November 2021 or later, your existing current install codes will work with this release.
  • If your support expiry date was before November 2020 you need to upgrade in order to use the current release.


Support Expiry Date

Your support expiry date can be found in the email/message/letter that contained your product install codes, and in the software.

If you have Pedigree Assistant installed, you can find this by choosing the About... option from the Help menu. The expiry date is embedded within the serial number in the form YYYYMM. E.g. in the following screenshot the expiry date is 202405 i.e. the end of May 2024:

Pedigree Assistant About Box Showing Expiry Date