Options For Existing Customers - EU

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You want to purchase an upgrade, e.g.:

  • You want to obtain the current release but your support period expired before November 2020.
  • Your period for support has ended and you wish to obtain further support.

For details of new features and changes see whats new and the help resources.

Buy Upgrade

Get Latest Release

You want to obtain the latest release of your existing product.

Get Current Release

Get A Different Version

You want to get a different version of your existing product.

E.g. you have Pedigree Assistant for Cats, and you now want to purchase a license for Pedigree Assistant for Dogs.

Buy Different Version


Support Expiry Date

Your support expiry date can be found in the email/message/letter that contained your product install codes, and in the software.

If you have Pedigree Assistant installed, you can find this by choosing the About... option from the Help menu. The expiry date is embedded within the serial number in the form YYYYMM. E.g. in the following screenshot the expiry date is 202405 i.e. the end of May 2024:

Pedigree Assistant About Box Showing Expiry Date