PedPro Downloads - Free Trial

PedPro for Windows Current Release

Windows 10/8/7/Vista PC required. Other systems e.g. Mac, Chromebook, Windows 10s, Windows XP, iPad not supported.

Download Free Trial v3.1.01


  • How To Install: When you click the download link your browser will download an 'installer' program. Once this has finished, open the downloaded file to install the software. Browsers differ in how they display downloaded files e.g. some show recent downloads at the bottom of the web page.
  • If you decide to get the full (paid) version after using the trial you need to purchase a license and then enter the registration code into the software to convert it to the full version (use the Enter Registration Code option on the Help menu).
  • Any pedigree data you save with the trial will carry through to the full (paid) version should you decide to get it.