Tenset Pedigree and Breeding Software for Cat and Dog Breeders

Our pedigree software products help breeders of cats, dogs and other animals efficiently manage breeding records and print wonderful pedigree certificates. We have products designed for both Windows and Mac computers.

Track All Your Animals Easily

Photo of a dogs head As a breeder you care about the health and well-being of your breeding stock and you know its important to store and manage the information about them.

Our pedigree software helps you to keep it all together in one place - starting with the key details like name, date of birth, sire and dam, breed, microchip data and so on. Using this information you can then easily print those essential pedigree papers - the certificates.

Compared to the traditional method of hand writing certificates it helps you in other ways too. You can calculate inbreeding easily, keep health records for your breeding stock, and so on.

Take Pride in Your Pedigrees

Breeder Assistant for Dogs Copperplate Pedigree Our software prints beautiful pedigrees. Really beautiful. Not just basic charts or ancestor tables - truly wonderful certificate grade results.

The kind of paperwork you will be proud to give your customers. You want them to be impressed.

A certificate is an important document and should look professional.


Improve Your Breeding Results

A Cute Kitten As a responsible breeder not only do you want to breed healthy animals but you want to improve your breeding lines e.g. to improve conformity to breed standards. Our products help you understand the relationship between sire and dam, to know how they are related through their pedigrees.

The software calculates the inbreeding for any animal or prospective mating in your database using Wright's method. It will highlight repeat and common ancestors instantly. So you can see at a glance which ancestors are giving rise to inbreeding, and which ancestors are having the greatest influence. With our Breeders Assistant program you can also view the %blood influence of ancestors in any mating.

Build Your Database

Building pedigrees by hand is a very time consuming process as anyone who has done it will know. Frequently you find yourself copying out the same ancestors, often multiple times within the same certificate. Whether you've done it in longhand or with software such as Excel or Word to create a template or chart, you face the same fundamental problem of having to repeat the same information over and over again.

With our products once you have entered the details of any given animal you don't have to do it ever again. No matter how many times it recurs as an ancestor in other pedigrees.

Our Products

Breeders Assistant
Breeders Assistant

Breeders Assistant is our most comprehensive product for cat and dog breeders. Whilst it's designed for Windows computers you can also run it on a Mac if you have 'Parallels' or similar.

It includes highly customizable pedigree certificates, mating/stud certificates and detailed record keeping & features for kennel/cattery management.

It is available in several editions. Whilst many customers find the Personal edition does everything they need, there is also a Professional edition which includes higher database capacity and advanced genetics such as coat color prediction.

Another aspect of this product is that it comes it different versions that have been tailored to the differing needs of cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, horses, livestock and other animals. There is also a Generic version suited for any other species.

For example, Breeders Assistant for Dogs is a version of the product tailored to the needs of dog breeders - it knows about dog colors and titles and with the Professional Edition it includes an understanding of canine color genetics allowing predictions of prospective offspring to be incorporated into paperwork such as trial matings.

Likewise Breeders Assistant for Cats has support for GCCF, CFA and TICA and inbuilt knowledge of GCCF compliant EMS codes. Similar to the dog version, the Professional Edition also includes knowledge of feline color genetics, which gives you the means to include predictions of color in mating certificates etc.


PedPro Mac Version PedPro is a breeding program for your Windows or Mac computer. It offers you a straightforward pedigree template layout which you can fill in and then print or save to PDF.

It also gives you the means to transfer (import) data from other programs.

Pedigree Assistant
Pedigree Assistant

Pedigree Assistant Main Window Pedigree Assistant is a sister product to Breeders Assistant that generates the same fantastic printed pedigrees but without many of the other lesser used features. Chosen by many customers who just need a very good pedigree maker but little else.

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