Importing Data

Import Columns Window

Pedigree Assistant provides a flexible and powerful mechanism to import pedigree data from external sources, in Text/CSV format.

Many programs, including Tenset pedigree software products, but also some 3rd party pedigree software products and other software such as widely used spreadsheets and databases can generate Text/CSV files.

In order to successfully import such data into Pedigree Assistant it needs to include, as a minimum, columns for the animal name, its parents i.e. sire and dam, and ideally its sex and date of birth. The columns giving the sire/dam links can be given using either record numbers or names; if using record numbers then there also needs to be a column giving the record number for each animal.

For detailed step-by-step examples that show exactly how to import data into Pedigree Assistant please refer to the 'Importing Data' tutorial.

Options in the import facility include:

  • Choice of exactly which fields you want to import, and in what order.
  • Select delimiter (normally comma) and field quotation options.
  • Whether or not to ignore any heading line (e.g. with column titles).