PedPro Main Window

PedPro Main Window

5 Generation Pedigree With Repeat Ancestors Highlighted

4 Generation Pedigree With Watermark and Registration Numbers

4 Generation Pedigree With Watermark, Photo, Signature and Custom Border

PedPro Main Window

PedPro is an animal breeding and pedigree software product that prints your pedigrees and stores your breeding records, for Windows-based computers1.

PedPro can be downloaded from this site. Initially it operates as a 30 day trial version. After the trial period purchase a registration code for the full, unrestricted, version.

  • Easy To Use - just click in the on-screen pedigree to fill in the animal details and ancestors, then click Print or PDF to export as PDF.
  • Stores Your Data - PedPro remembers the details of animals previously entered and saved in the data file. E.g. when creating a new pedigree if the Sire/Dam is one you've added before you can just select it from a list and the software automatically pulls in their ancestors as far back as you've previously entered.
  • Transfer From Breeders Assistant or Pedigree Assistant - if you've previously stored your pedigrees in either of these other products, transfer them easily into PedPro without having to use CSV/text import/export. Not all data is transferred, please check suitability first.
  • Customize Pedigrees - adjust the pedigree layout by changing fonts & colors, borders, number of ancestor generations (3-6). Optionally include a logo, photo or signature area. Resize the boxes. Choose which data fields are to be included in the main pedigree details and each ancestor generation, separately.
  • Highlight Champions - emphasize Champions etc. in red or bold.
  • Calculate Inbreeding - optionally include Wrights inbreeding coefficient in pedigrees. Choose how many generations are used in the computation.
  • Highlight Ancestors - optionally highlight ancestors - common and repeated individuals in the pedigree ancestry.
  • Add Photos - include photos in the pedigree, including selecting a watermark image to appear behind the pedigree.
  • Customize Data Entry - add custom data fields and customize the data entry window by adjusting field sizes and arranging fields into tabs and columns.
  • Export as PDF/JPEG - export pedigrees in PDF or JPEG format e.g. for use in email or on websites.
  • Record Limit - the full version of PedPro has a limit of 1,000,000 animals in a single data file. You can have as many data files as you like.
  • Import/Export - transfer data in and out of the software using text/CSV import e.g. to use in other products, spreadsheets etc.
  • Cover Sheets - print a cover sheet (front page) for a pedigree.
  • Trial Matings - print trial mating pedigrees (i.e., a pedigree that names the parents but not the offspring).
  • User Guide - A comprehensive User Guide is included (use the Help menu within PedPro).
  • Download - Get PedPro by downloading it from this site. Initially it operates as a 30 day trial version. After the trial period purchase a registration code for the full, unrestricted, version.

No Annual Fee

When you buy a PedPro license it is a perpetual (i.e. not time limited) license to use the release of the software that is current at the time of purchase, and any subsequent releases that occur within your support period, on a compatible computer and operating system. You do not need to pay an annual fee or other recurring fee just to continue using the release of the software you obtained at the time of purchase. The support period is 12 months from the date or purchase.

Once the support period has ended, if you wish to use a later release of the software you need to upgrade.

1. Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista PC required. Other systems e.g. Mac, Chromebook, Windows 11s, Windows 10s, Windows XP, iPad not supported.