Pedigree Assistant

4 Generation Pedigree Copperplate Style With Watermark

Pedigree Assistant Main Window

Pedigree With Common Ancestor Highlighting

Pedigree Cover Sheet

Pedigree Assistant (PA) is software for Windows-based computers1 for breeders of cats, dogs, and other animals who need to print high quality pedigree certificates. It stores the underlying breeding data so you do not need to re-enter it when adding new pedigrees.

Pedigree Assistant is, in effect, like a very cut-down version of Breeders Assistant that dispenses with most features apart from producing pedigrees and storing basic animal records. It has a similar interface, though somewhat simplified to its primary purpose of producing good quality pedigrees designed to be printed. If you need other features beyond printed pedigrees you should consider Breeders Assistant.

No Annual Fee

When you buy a Pedigree Assistant license it is a perpetual (i.e. not time limited) license to use the release of the software that is current at the time of purchase, and any subsequent releases that occur within your support period, on a compatible computer and operating system. You do not need to pay an annual fee or other recurring fee just to continue using the release of the software you obtained at the time of purchase. The support period is 12 months from the date or purchase.

Once the support period has ended, if you wish to use a later release of the software you need to upgrade.

1. Full version of Windows 11 or 10 required (not Windows 11S or Windows 10S).