Pedigree Assistant Prices - Non-UK/EU

These prices are for customers resident outside the UK and European Union, e.g. in the US or Canada.

Tenset is currently running a summer sale with 20% off our Pedigree Assistant prices, valid until 30th June 2022. The sale prices are those shown in red.

New Customers

The price includes any updates to your version that are released within the support period.

Product Price
Pedigree Assistant license, 1 year support $139 USD $111 USD

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If you are an existing customer of Pedigree Assistant - that is to say you have previously bought a license for a full working copy of Pedigree Assistant - then you can upgrade to get the latest release of the software and extend your period for support.

For details of new features and changes see whats new and the help resources.

Upgrade Price
Pedigree Assistant upgrade, 1 year support $69 USD $55 USD $109 USD $87 USD

* To qualify for the discounted price you either need to be in date for support, or it must have expired no more than 5 years ago.

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