Exporting Data

Breeders Assistant keeps your data in a pedigree database, which is a data file stored locally on your computer. You can (and should) make backups of this file by copying the file elsewhere, e.g. to a USB memory stick.

Typically most users keep just one database but you can actually have as many as you like. The main reason to have more than one database is to store data for unrelated animals, e.g. to keep different breeds separate from each other.

Text/CSV Export

You can export your data from Breeders Assistant in text (CSV) format using a highly configurable export facility. Options include:

  • Your choice of the fields to be exported, and in what order.
  • Select delimiter (normally comma) and field quotation options.
  • Choose whether to generate a heading line with column names.
  • Alternatively the export format can be specified using an export string. This has greater flexibility as it allows access to field codes and macros to further manipulate the text prior to output.

It is possible to set up multiple export configurations - so you can switch between different export layouts quickly. Once an export configuration has been set up it is saved along with the database so does not need to be recreated in order to repeat the export.

Alfirin Web Pedigree System

Breeders Assistant can directly generate the data files required by the Alfirin web pedigree database system.

Use of this system lets you provide a searchable pedigree database on your website.

Breeders Assistant can generate the following data files that are used by the Alfirin system:

  • .dbw/.ixw files - these contain the main details of the animals(.dbw) and an index(.ixw).
  • Optionally, .brw/.bxw files - these contain details of breedings and need to be provided if you want to include breeding information on the site.
  • Optionally, a .kxw file - this contains an index and is needed to provide fast keyword searching.