Mating Certificate Puppy Sale Agreement

Breeders Assistant has many features above and beyond the basics of recording animal records and generating pedigrees.

These include: record tagging, letters and agreements (contracts), contact records, report writer, appointments/tasks, mating records, limited accounts, vet and vaccination records.

Some of these features are demonstrated in the product tutorials; full details can be found in the User Guide and Help Reference.

Mating Certificates

The cat and dog versions of Breeders Assistant can print customizable mating certificates - for stud owners to give to the owners of visiting females after mating. These have similar design features to those found in pedigrees, plus optional relationship coefficient of the parents, and, with the Professional Edition, predictions of the expected/carried colors that will result from the mating. Mating certificates also include the predicted date of birth, and the date when offspring can be expected to be ready to go to new homes.

Agreements, Letters & Contracts

Breeders Assistant can print documents such as sale agreements (contracts of sale) and mating agreements. You have control over the wording used - BA will insert fields from the database and print it for you.

As with pedigrees and other documents you can use decorative borders, calligraphic writing, logos etc. to create a professional result.

Contact Records

Contact records let you store all the usual details (name, address, etc.) for people who are associated with the animals in your database - such as breeders and owners.

You can also quickly access lists of animals bred or owned by given contacts.

They also provide a means to manage sales and stud enquiries. Each contact record has fields to record whether the contact is related to a sales or stud enquiry, the date of enquiry date, etc. BA maintains indexes of all contacts relating to sales and stud enquiries, purchases, etc. ordered by date. E.g. is is easy to see who has bought animals from you, or who has enquired about using your studs.

Vet & Vaccination Records

The vet records store details of individual visits to the vet; use them to keep a full veterinary history of each animal. Vaccination records are used to stores details of individual vaccinations - use them to keep a history of all vaccinations on an animal by animal basis.