Professional Edition

Mating Certificate Heading Showing Coat Color Predictions

Ancestors with Defects Highlighted

Bracketed Trial Pedigree Showing Coat Color Predictions (Dog Version)

Pedigree With Ancestors Highlighted By Inbreeding

Pedigree With Custom Ancestor Highlighting Based On Coat Color

The Professional Edition has all the features of the Personal Edition but in addition:

  • The license name for Professional Edition customers need not be a personal name. E.g. it can be an organization name or breeding name, prefix, affix, cattery name etc.
  • The record limit is 1,000,000 records of each type, per database.
  • It has multi-tagging. This feature lets you define up to 8 different tags for each record type (animals, contacts, etc.). Each tag has a name and symbol. You can then assign tags to individual records, either manually or as a side effect of another operation such as an ancestor/descendant search, such as a database inconsistency check (for issues such as animals recorded as being born before their parents etc.), or a similarity search. Once tagged you can quickly browse the tagged records e.g. for review.
  • It has duplicate record tagging - this is where the software can tag adjacent records within an index that have the same text value in the primary sort field. E.g. if an index is sorted by, say, the registration number, this will tag pairs of records that have the same registration number. The tagged records can then be easily reviewed by first hiding all the untagged records. An example of this technique can be found in the 'Working With Data' tutorial.
  • It has 'custom ancestor highlighting' - which is where you can configure a custom ancestor highlighting rule. E.g. to highlight ancestors according to the values in a user defined field. Examples of this technique can be found in the 'Working With Data' tutorial and in this video Play Video
  • It has the means to highlight ancestors within pedigrees according to their level of inbreeding. E.g. to highlight ancestors according to the values in a user defined field. This is demonstrated in the 'First Steps' tutorial.
  • It has the means to predict inherited colors that would arise from a given mating1. Predictions can be included in trial mating pedigrees and mating certificates2.


A good way to get started with Breeders Assistant is to check out our series of videos.

1. Requires that a valid gene configuration has been configured, and that color genotypes are entered for the sire and dam.
2. Mating certificates are only available with the cat, dog and 'Generic' versions of Breeders Assistant.