Personal Edition

Mating Certificate

Sale Agreement

4 Generation Pedigree with Calligraphic Heading, Bracketed Ancestors, Photo and Custom Border

5 Generation Pedigree with Registration Numbers and Signature Area

Pedigree Cover Sheet

Pedigree With Repeat Ancestor Highlighting

The Personal Edition of Breeders Assistant includes many of the features described on these pages but not all. If you are a breeder and you are considering Breeders Assistant as a product to store your key breeding records - the animals - and print pedigrees, but not a lot else, then the Personal Edition is probably all you need. For full details of those features that are not included in the Personal Edition, please refer to the details of the Professional and Extended Editions.

The Personal Edition also has the following limitations:

  • The software must be licensed into a personal name, which is normally your name in the way that you would put it on a pedigree. It may not be a non-personal name, such as breeding name or a club/organization. There is a separate area on pedigrees for the breeder logo. The license name will appear as part of a small line of text near the bottom of printed documents, including pedigrees.
  • Databases are limited to at most 75,000 records of each type, per database. So a single database can contain at most 75,000 animals, 75,000 contacts, etc. You can have as many different databases as you like, but animals can only link to each other (as in pedigrees) when they are stored within the same database. Most customers operate a single database. The likeliest reason for using multiple databases is to keep different breeds separate.
  • Whilst the Personal Edition does not include any of the advanced genetics features of the Professional and Extended Editions, it does include calculation of the inbreeding coefficient for inclusion in a pedigree.


A good way to get started with Breeders Assistant is to check out our series of videos.