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The Extended Edition is the premier edition of Breeders Assistant, with all features enabled. It extends the Professional Edition in the following ways:

  • The license permits certain commercial use, in particular the sale of printed output from the product such as pedigrees e.g. to run a pedigree service bureau.
  • It is possible to have the 'tag line' that appears beneath printed pedigrees removed1.
  • It includes a suite of advanced population genetics tools including (a) the means to prioritize prospective matings according to the inbreeding that would result, or for/against the kinship influence of specific individuals, or according to a variety of gene diversity metrics, and (b) the means to compute a range of population genetics metrics for a breeding pool including: i. mean kinships; ii. ancestral inbreeding (the cumulative proportion of an individual's genome that has been previously exposed to inbreeding in its ancestors); iii. genome uniqueness (an estimation of the probability that an individual contains founder alleles not present in any other single (normally) individual within the set of individuals under consideration); iv. the pedigree completeness index (a measure of the completeness of the pedigree2); v. the number of founder equivalents, founder genome equivalents3; vi. the number of effective ancestors4.
  • Auto-increment can be set on some text fields, in order to assign a unique value to the field each time a new record is added. Useful if it is required to have a field such the registration number automatically assigned to an incrementing value.
  • There is an additional database inconsistency detection test to find records with duplicate text field values. Useful if it is required to have a field such the registration number automatically assigned to an incrementing value.
  • There is a new database inconsistency detection check to find groups of similarly named animals across the entire database.
  • The <InbreedingCoefficient> output field supports a new selector (14) which evaluates to the pedigree completeness index (PCI) expressed to the same precision as the inbreeding coefficient.

The Extended Edition supersedes the 'Commercial' Edition in earlier releases of Breeders Assistant.

1. Needs a special installation code from Tenset; these codes are only issued to Extended Edition customers upon request.
2. Computed using the method of MacCluer et al ("Inbreeding and Pedigree Structure in Standardbreed Horses", Journal of Heredity 1983, 74:394-399).
3. Computed using the method of Lacy, RC. ("Analysis of founder representation in pedigrees: Founder equivalents and founder genome equivalents". Zoo Biology 8:111-124, 1989.)
4. Computed using the method of Boichard, D, Maignel L, and Verrier, E. ("The value of using probabilities of gene origin to measure genetic variability in a population". Genetics Selection Evolution, 1997; 29(1): 5-23.)