Breeders Assistant Downloads

Current Release

Downloads for this product are supplied in both British English and American English versions.

  • Full version of Windows 11 or 10 required (not Windows 11S or Windows 10S).
  • In order to use this download, your period for support must have been in date when this version was released, which was 24th October 2023.
  • How To Install: When you click the download link your browser will download an 'installer' program. Once this has finished, open the downloaded file to install the software. Browsers differ in how they display downloaded files e.g. some show recent downloads at the bottom of the web page.
  • The only difference between the 2 downloads is in the product documentation. The software also has a preference setting to select between British and American English spellings within the application. If you need to change this, use the User Interface tab of the Configure|Preferences window.
  • You need a download password and install code(s) from Tenset before you can install the full licensed version. These are supplied once your order has been processed.
  • Make A Backup First: If you are updating an existing version of Breeders Assistant you are advised to make a backup copy of your Breeders Assistant data file(s) first, just in case you need to revert to the previous version for any reason. Good luck!
  • The same download is used for all editions of the product (Personal, Professional and Extended).
  • The edition is determined by your install code(s), which in turn depend on which edition you chose when you placed your order.
  • If you have upgraded from a lower to a higher edition (e.g. you have upgraded from the Professional to the Extended Edition) then you do not need to re-download if you already have the current release installed. However, you do need to enter your new serial number and key code to enable the change: select License Name from the Configure menu to enter the new codes.


Support Expiry Date

Your support expiry date can be found in the email/message/letter that contained your product install codes.

If you have Breeders Assistant v5 or v6 installed, you can also find this by choosing the About... option from the Help menu. The expiry date is embedded within the serial number in the form YYYYMM. E.g. in the following screenshot the expiry date is 202301 i.e. the end of January 2023:

Breeders Assistant About Box Showing Expiry Date

Support for all earlier releases of Breeders Assistant, including v4, ended in 2017 or earlier, depending on your purchase date.